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Sequencing Pipet


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Sequencing Pipet

  • For sample delivery in DNA gel sequencing operations
  • Polycarbonate tips reduced to 0.34 mm o.d. over 20 mm length at tip to fit into narrow gel slots
  • Tips transparent and autoclavable
  • Precise nanoliter samples delivered over range 0.05 to 3 mL
  • Of anodized aluminum, with spring-loaded, stainless steel plunger
  • Rotation of plunger provides self-locking volume adjustment by limiting plunger travel
  • Plunger shank graduated to 3 mL in 0.2 mL increments

Volume increments as small as 0.05 mL can be reached by rotating plunger manually 1/4-turn; spring-loaded override allows blowout. Capillary is held in place by collet chuck with O-ring. Overall length 210 mm. Pipet is supplied with six 0.34 mm Bores.

SKU DEN-PIP Gel Sequencing Pipet 1 EA
SKU DEN-PIP-XL Gel Sequencing Pipet XL 1 EA
SKU 3000-203-G Replacement Bores, 0.34mm 10 / Pack
SKU 3-000-203-G/.2 Replacement Bores, 0.19mm 10 / Pack
SKU 3-000-002-K3 O-Ring Kit, Model 203 1 EA
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