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FemVue® Saline-Air Device for Ultrasound Evaluation of the Fallopian Tubes

The FemVue® device simultaneously introduces a saline and air mixture in a controlled fashion. Physicians simply follow the consistent natural bubble mixture flowing into and through each fallopian tube.

FemVue® Animation and Ultrasound Video.



Sono HSG is a safe, simple, and effective ultrasound alternative to the X-ray HSG.

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The FemVue® Saline-Air device is used to introduce a consistent mixture of saline and air contrast in a controlled fashion for the tubal evaluation portion of the Sono HSG. The bright echoes of the air bubbles can be seen flowing into and through each fallopian tube, providing physicians an effective contrast to make a tubal patency determination.


    • Performed in the office in less than 15 minutes
    • Safe alternative to fluoroscopic HSG that avoids radiation
      exposure and allergy risk
    • Controlled delivery of contrast
    • Sono HSG with saline and air is concordant to fluoroscopic HSG*
    • Natural saline and air contrast minimizes risk of irritation


    FemVue® delivers a consistent pattern of saline and air, appearing as bubbles under ultrasound, to evaluate tubal patency.

    Large meta-analysis showed diagnostic accuracy with Sono HSG and comparability with fluoroscopic HSG with no significant difference in performance of the two tests.*

    A complete in-office fertility assessment with existing ultrasound equipment, expands practice services and saves patient time and expense.
    *S. Maheux-Lacroix et al. Hum Reprod 2014;29(5):953-63.

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