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SS-250 Smart Station-QUOTE

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SS-250 Smart Station

A Comfortable Crib for your Lab

With the end users comfort at the core of our design principle the Smart Station delivers unrivaled ergonomics to improve the quality of your time in the IVF lab. From oocyte pick-up to embryo transfer and many other tasks, the Smart Station handles them all with a combination of functionality, accuracy and the most comfortable way you like to work.

Conveniently placed circular arm openings, large front window and two side doors provide easy access for daily operation including cleaning and disinfection. CO2 gas is supplied through the gas port located underneath the chamber, gas concentration can be set from 0.0 to 10.0%

The combination of the motorized stand, height adjustable microscope head and long tilting eyepiece tube, Smart Station lets you configure the most flexible and comfortable way to work.

Large front door folds down for Easy and Safe handling of loaded ET catheters. Side doors on both sides for convenient passing in and out of materials.

Clean, spacious Full-Flat working surface is a one-piece heated stainless-steel with integrated glass thermo plate, allowing for culture dishes to be slid across the surface without having to lift them, minimizing the risk of spillage.
Integration of microscope optics and illumination can be made for most stereo microscopes available in the market.

Utility Smart-Shelf on each side increases useable space without compromising the table top working space.

Smart Station can perfectly accommodate RI Witness system ART Management System. RI Witness, based on RFID tag technology, has been providing an extra quality control in the IVF lab. Smart Station has been found to be a great match with RI Witness to create the safe and persistent environment for embryo handlings in the lab.


Astec-Bio Products are sold through the official USA Distributor, IVF On-Demand.

Accessories for the SS-250 Smart Station can be found here



Mfr. No. SS-250 SS-250 Smart Station - IVF Chamber.
840mm x 620mm x ~1190-1440mm. 80Kgs
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