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At IVF Store we believe in choice and we will try to provide anything you are looking for - ideally with up front pricing. However sometimes is is not possible to have pricing as this can vary based on the vendor, the complexity of the item, costs of installation or other considerations. This is why we provide a quoting service.
How does quote service work?
You can ask for a quote by placing the request in your cart and checking out. There is no charge or commitment for a quote but this allows us to match the quote request to your account. We take this quote request and send you a quote either directly from IVF Store or relay the information to the vendor. If we pass on the information to the vendor they may contact you directly if they have specific questions about your quote.
Why not just contact the vendor directly?
You are of course welcome to do that but there are advantages to working with IVF Store directly. As an IVF Store customer we can help with any issues you have with the order as well as follow up on your behalf.
Does this service cost extra?
No, going through the IVF Store quote system will not cost any more than contacting the vendor and ordering directly.
Please let us know if you have any questions about our quote service or any thing else 1(833) 483-7867.
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