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SiD: Software Sperm-Selector Assistant [Special Extended Trial]

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SiD: Software Sperm-Selector Assistant

Real-time sperm selection based on speed and motility patterns

Get a special extended trial - only for IVF Store Customers!

SiD is an innovative software solution that hopes to revolutionize  the fertility landscape. Harnessing the power of real-time analysis you will have in your hands a tool that enhances the way you select the sperm to inject, that utilizes different filters to extract information that your eye is not trained to see, standardizing your practice, and aiding you into making qualitative decisions.

Every single sperm within the vision field is identified, tracked, and evaluated, offering an unrivalled level of detail. SiD doesn't just observe, it intelligently extracts key sperm parameters that directly impact fertility outcomes, transforming the traditional subjective sperm assessment into a rigorous quantitative analysis.

Move from Guesswork to Informed Decisions

For the first time in history, computer vision has surpassed human capabilities in a crucial aspect of fertility treatment. SiD isn't tasked with deciphering faces, identifying anatomical structures, or interpreting scenes - it simply needs to accurately characterize sperm in a PVP solution. This singular focus ensures unparalleled precision and reliability.

In the Spotlight

SiD's groundbreaking technology has drawn recognition and acclaim, as reflected in peer-reviewed publications and numerous poster presentations at world-class events that feature our work. With over 12 million parameters used to rank embryos, SiD is truly a tour de force in the fertility field.


  • SID is a great tool for junior embryologist 
  • Improves your confidence when selecting a single sperm 
  • Standaries each procedure 
  • Select from a larger field of view of spermatozoa
  • Valuable, consistent on busy days.


Computer software (SiD) assisted real- time single sperm selection associated with fertilization and blastocyst formation. Gerardo Mendizabal-Ruiz, Alejandro Chavez-Badiola, Isaac Aguilar Figueroa, Vladimir Martinez Nuño, Adolfo Flores- Saiffe Farias, Roberto Valencia-Murilloa, Andrew Drakeley, Juan Paulo Garcia-Sandoval, Jacques Cohen. RBMO VOLUME 45 ISSUE 4 2022

Minimum Requirements


  • Computer with Intel Core i5 8 GB RAM and 10 GB HDD
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10.
  • Microscope capturer must be compatible with DirectX

SiD is known to be compatible with the following capturers

  1. Hamilton Thorne
  2. WAT-902H Ultimate
  3. OCTAX 1.3 MPixel
  4. LUMENERA LW1135c
  5. SyntecMost popular lab settings enlisted as easy or medium difficulty of installation.
  6. Octax EYE Camera

 Note: At the current time SiD is available for investigatory use only in the US and clinical use in the rest of the world. SiD is CE marked for use in Europe. The extended trial is only available to IVF Store customers.

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