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NovoSort – Sperm Isolation Device

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$8,000.00 USD / 100.0 Unit
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NovoSort – Sperm Isolation Device & ProteX Collection Cup

Only Solution that Limits Sperm Damage During Collection AND Processing in the Same Container

  • NovoSort and the ProteX Collection Cup are sold as one unit.
  • ProteX makes more healthy cells available by protecting sperm from excessive damage during collection.
  • NovoSort attracts highly motile and morphologically normal sperm naturally.
  • Offers an economical alternative to potentially DNA damaging traditional processing methods.
  • Transforms laboratory workflow with sample never leaving ProteX during one-step processing. No lab intervention to rapidly isolate sperm in as little as 15 min.

Product Features and Unparalleled Clinic Benefits:

  1. Optimal Collection Environment: ProteX limits environmental shock to sperm to help maintain physiological and biochemical parameters for extended periods making more healthy cells available for longer.
  2. Absolute chain of custody control: All processing is done in the same vessel used for collection.
  3. Streamline Laboratory Workflow and Save Money:
  • Processing of 100% of the received sample, no transfers from the collection cup.
  • Natural single-step processing inside the ProteX with hands-off rapid processing without staff intervention.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple sample transfers, significantly reduced processing times, improving efficiency in the ART lab.
  • System allows the harvest of larger percentages of cells found in the native sample.
  • Single use all in one processing system allows simple clean up after processing.
  1. Isolate High-Quality Sperm:
  • No centrifugation or density gradient steps, which research shows may lead to DNA damage.
  • Processing does not require heated incubation which may increase hyperactivation and premature capacitation.
  • Both the ProteX and NovoSort contain ROS scavengers which have been shown to be DNA protective in independent studies.

Performance Benefits:

Scientific case studies conducted on the NovoSort device have showcased its outstanding performance. NovoSort results deliver a remarkable increase in the Total Motile Cells sufficient for ICSI in 10-15 min, conventional IVF in 15-30, IUI in 1 hour.

Free Samples available via IVF Store.  Free Samples include 1 x Box containing 4 individual packages. Two ProteX in Tyvek pouches and two NovoSort in their  individual Tyvek packages

NovoSort Sperm Isolation Device DFU for IVF-ICSI

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