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Cryogenic Safety Training Course-QUOTE

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Cryogenic Safety Training Course

Enhance work place safety with this course offered by Cryogenic Safety Solutions.

These training courses offer certification in the safe handling, delivery, and equipment designs for cryogens, mainly liquid nitrogen (LN2). A thorough understanding of the risks and hazards associated with LN2 is necessary to prevent harm to yourself, others and to your facility. This training program will improve technicians’ knowledge in the handling and use of LN2 as risk free as possible. Anyone handling LN2 or other cryogenic products should strictly adhere to these safety practices. This course will benefit your facility by understanding best practices of handling and using LN2.

Course Outline

  1. Legislation applicable & guidance
  2. Production & supply
  3. Vessel designs and maintenance
  4. Properties of cryogens
  5. The potential hazards
    1. Contact vs non-contact
    2. Oxygen deficiency
    3. Oxygen enrichment
    4. Carbon dioxide enrichment
    5. Cryogenic burns, frost bite & hypothermia
  6. Safety in vessel handling
  7. Safety in cryogenic gas storage
  8. Risk assessment
  9. Procedure guidance
  10. Course questionnaire 
    1. How to enroll for the on-line questionnaire exam and receive certification
  11. Open forum & closing comments


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