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DeNoody Tips

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Micron Size

DeNoody Tips

DeNoody Tips are a Polycarbonate Pipet with a specific Inner Diameter used in the Movement, Denudation, and Handling of Cells. Made in partnership with Drummond Scientific Co. 

Packaged as 20 / Tips / Pack

Currently for Research Use Only

Product Number (SKU)  Size
DEN-75 75 Micron
DEN-100 100 Micron
DEN-125 125 Micron
DEN-135 135 Micron
DEN-145 145 Micron
DEN-150 150 Micron
DEN-155 155 Micron
DEN-175 175 Micron
DEN-200 200 Micron
DEN-275 275 Micron
DEN-300 300 Micron
DEN-600 300 Micron

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