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Narishige HI-7 Injection Holder for ø1mm Pipette

Regular price $225.00


Narishige HI-7 Injection Holder for ø1mm Pipette

Incorporating a stainless steel collar with an end cap with stainless steel collar, the HI-7 solves the problem of mounting pipettes when cores are lacking for the respective holes. An HIR rotating adjustable clamp is included for operational convenience.


Accessories included Silicone Rubber Gasket (HI01PK01)
Cleaning Rod
Length/Weight L140mm, 15g
Mounting pipette ø1mm O.D.

There are two models of the injection holder available:

HI-7 - For standard oil injectors (required for use with IM-6, IM-9B and IM-9C)
HI-9 - For pneumatic injectors (air) (required for use with IM-11-2 and IM-12)

* HI-9 cannot be used for oil-type injectors.

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