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HUMDISH (Humidification Dish)

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VitaVitro® Humdish

The VitaVitro® Humdish is a purpose-designed sterile plastic dish for mammalian preimplantation embryo cultures, especially for - but not restricted to - dry incubators or those with inconsistent, uncontrolled humidity levels.

Most incubators used for embryo culture miss the proper, controllable humidification system. Evaporation-related increase of osmolality may compromise the outcome of uninterrupted blastocyst cultures, resulting in tens of thousands of unsuccessful cycles every year. We have no time to wait, no money to waste for new sophisticated incubator models. We need a cost-efficient, safe, universal solution - right now.

VitaVitro® Humdish is the result of a radically new approach - a kind of Columbus’ egg. Instead of humidifying the incubator, we keep individual dishes humid. Using a large water reservoir in the outer ring and minimising evaporation by a narrow gap between the outer wall and the lid, the humidity level remains at 96-98% between Day 0 and 7, stabilising osmolality during the whole culture period. Additionally, the surrounding water decreases temperature fluctuations caused by door openings or microscopic control (if the latter is unavoidable).


Chen WB, Machaty Z, Marconetto A, Parmegiani L, Vajta G.
A Simple and Efficient Solution to Eliminate Evaporation in Mammalian Embryo Cultures. Cell Reprogram. 2021 Oct;23(5):316-318. doi: 10.1089/cell.2021.0061. Epub 2021 Sep 3.

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Mfr. No. V005060301

VitaVitro® Humdish. 1 piece / bag

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VitaVitro® Humdish. 10 pieces / bag

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