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Well of the Well (WOW) Culture Dishes

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Well of the Well (WOW) Culture Dishes

VitaVitro WOW (Well-of-Well) Culture Dish is designed for culturing embryos following fertilization to the blastocyst stage.

The VitaVitro WOW Culture Dish is an advanced culture dish designed for IVF that allows group culture of embryos while maintaining individual separation between the embryos and re-creates the three-dimensional in vitro environment for embryos. The semi-globe connected to straight walls – a kind of inverted sugar-loaf shape microwells allow dilution of light waste materials and increased concentration of heavy autocrine and paracrine factors around the embryos. The flat-bottom microwells are designed for individual microscopic evaluation or Time-Lapse follow-up, providing options for special needs.



At the heart of the WOW culture dish concept is a set of conical microwells that provide an ideal microenvironment for embryo development by replicating conditions in the oviduct.


A set of flat-bottomed and conical-bottomed microwells with time- lapse support allows for real-time monitoring and selection of optimal-quality embryos.


Two additional wells can be used for embryo holding/wash prior to transfer or cryopreservation.


A jagged-edge design ensures a firm grip, reducing the risk of drops and spillages.


Achieving successful IVF treatment in a single round is always desirable, and sometimes a necessity.

Patient age and health, oocyte quantity and quality, and the cost and timing of the procedure can all impact the likelihood of success of a round of IVF treatment, as well as the feasibility of conducting further attempts.

The quality of embryos at the point of implantation is the single biggest contributor in successful IVF pregnancies.

The Well-of-the-Well system maximizes the opportunity to produce high-quality embryos in vitro.

It also minimizes the risk of human error, catering to the needs of clinical staff transferring embryos and culture dishes around the laboratory.

VitaVitro’s WoW takes no chances when it comes to the requirements of individual patients, embryos, and clinical staff members in the IVF process.


No two patients or embryos are alike.

WOW is designed with flexibility of application in mind, with 16 microwells optimized for embryo development, 16+25 microwells optimized for time-lapse compatibility, and two additional wells for equilibration and wash.

This gives clinics the choice between two (or both) types of microwells within a workflow, maximizing the chances of IVF success.

  • Precision culture - Culture embryos for the full six- day period in the conical wells to benefit from a range of advantages that come with replicating the in vivo microenvironment.

  • Combination - Culture embryos in the flat wells for 24 hours; monitor and select healthy embryos for continued culture in the conical wells and later transplantation to reduce embryo waste.

  • Time-lapse - Culture embryos for the full six days in the flat microwells if end-to-end monitoring and recording is needed.


Uninterrupted culture in WOW’s conical wells using the correct medium and procedure brings a range of benefits including autocrine and paracrine factors, reduced apoptosis and O2 consumption, and more.

This is shown to ensure:

  • Improved chances of gamete development to blastocyst stage by day six of culture

  • Successful pregnancies using oocytes with missing or damaged zona pellucida.

  • Successful births after IVF treatment even for patients with a history of failed IVF attempts.

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