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IVF STORE LLC. - Open For Business - IVF Store

IVF STORE LLC. - Open For Business

Atlanta, Georgia, April. 2, 2018 (PR Web) -- IVF STORE, LLC today announced that its doors are open for business.

IVF Store LLC announces new one-stop-shop for IVF products

IVF Store brings convenience, speed and enhanced buyer functionality to the administration of IVF lab supply purchasing through their easy-to-use online portal.

IVF STORE, LLC [] today announced the opening of its virtual doors, bringing a new experience and way of ordering laboratory supplies for IVF clinics in the US. The online store provides a convenient and easy way for fertility clinics to purchase laboratory related items at great prices.

“We realized that IVF clinics are ordering from 12 different vendors on average and their experiences are not always optimal. Orders usually require a phone call and an overly complicated set of questions before pricing is given.” says Craig Hoffmann, VP of Sales and Operations. “We have been working for over a year with manufacturers, vendors and distributors of IVF products to come up with partnerships where we can provide premium products and services to ART clinics at the highest level of service.”

CFO Jorge Parra said “We are creating a ‘one-stop-shop’ for everything IVF and are working with some of the most trusted brands in the industry, from multi-million dollar companies to literal mom-and-pop shops. When we talk to clinics, we hear the same thing — people want more choices and easier access to support smaller companies in the products they use. This is opposite to the way the industry is heading, and we want to support these embryologists, clinics and vendors”

“We are still on-boarding new vendors and will keep adding new products even after launch. Our embryology test groups have provided valuable feedback, such as reducing search and ordering times by limiting the number of products in the store to just what an IVF lab needs.” said Patty Bernal, IVF Store’s President. "IVF Store’s ultimate goals are to support fertility clinics with a convenient way to purchase equipment and supplies and to increase the diversity and innovation of products available to fertility clinics. Most importantly, is working together to improve outcomes for couples and individuals who wish to become pregnant. This, for all of us, is why we have worked so hard to create IVF Store."

About IVF Store
IVF STORE is the largest IVF-dedicated eCommerce portal offering a full assortment of IVF products and services exclusively designed for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) professionals. It creates a new and unique opportunity for vendors to sell in the competitive In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Devices Market. Founded by two embryologists, it is a single-source solution for IVF clinical laboratories to purchase ART products and supplies at competitive prices. IVF Store covers every aspect of fertility care leading to a successful pregnancy — including IUI, egg retrieval, culture, ET, oocyte cryopreservation and embryo freezing. With over 60 manufacturer partners who specialize in IVF product innovation, development and production, we provide our customers with a unique online ordering experience customized to their specific needs. Call 1-833-483-7867 or visit for more information.

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IVF Store LLC.


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