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IVF Store LLC Announces New Product Offerings From Nidacon - IVF Store

IVF Store LLC Announces New Product Offerings From Nidacon

IVF Store brings convenience, speed and enhanced buyer functionality to the administration of IVF lab supply purchasing through their easy-to-use online portal

ATLANTA, July 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IVF STORE, LLC,, today announced a new partnership with Nidacon to offer their customers blastocyst vitrification media in the U.S.  Nidacon manufactures a selection of media for Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART), including IVF, artificial insemination (IUI) and vitrification solutions.

“This is another exciting addition to our product offerings,” says Craig Hoffmann, VP of Sales and Operations. “Convenience for our customers is one of our driving forces in the selection of our IVF product offerings.  VitriBlast and ThermoBlast have some unique features that set them apart from other vitrification media, including being able to be shipped and stored at room temperature, and used in much larger volumes.”

Patty Bernal, the President of IVF Store, said “We are very excited to include VitriBlast and ThermoBlast in our product line. They are a perfect complement to the Cryolock vitrification device. The possibility to use larger volumes of vitrification/warming media help to provide a more stable environment to the specimens during critical steps which is key to great success on survival, developmental and clinical pregnancy rates.”

“We are pleased to have our blastocyst vitrification products provided on the IVF market in the US via IVF Store, said Magda Alic Holmes, Vice President of Nidacon. VitriBlast and ThermoBlast is one of our greatest prides due to very good and consistent results. One clear benefit of the VitriBlast and ThermoBlast media is the fact that Ethylene glycol and DMSO are provided separately. During our stability studies it was made clear that the DMSO breaks down the human serum albumin and shortens the shelf-life drastically.  Therefore, it is best added just prior to usage.”

IVF Store CFO Jorge Parra said, “We are always looking for synergies with our customers and our supplier partners where our customers and their patients are the ultimate winners. By partnering with Nidacon as a supplier and Spectrum Technologies and NextGen LifeLabs as distributors, we are able to cover the entire US IVF footprint, supporting our motto of 'Everything IVF.'” 

About IVF Store

IVF STORE is an IVF-dedicated eCommerce portal offering a full assortment of IVF products and services exclusively designed for Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) professionals. It creates a new and unique opportunity for vendors to sell in the competitive In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Devices Market. Founded by two embryologists, it is a single-source solution for IVF clinical laboratories to purchase ART products and supplies at competitive prices. IVF Store covers every aspect of fertility care leading to a successful pregnancy — including IUI, egg retrieval, culture, ET, oocyte cryopreservation and blastocyst freezing. With over 60 manufacturer partners, many who specialize in IVF product innovation, development and production. We provide our customers with a unique online ordering experience customized to their specific needs. Call 1-833-483-7867 or visit for more information.

About Nidacon

Nidacon, a Swedish company headquartered in Gothenburg, manufactures and markets medical devices, mainly for Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART), with IVF, ICSI, artificial insemination (IUI) and vitrification solutions.

Nidacon continually strives to improve the outcome of ART, with more pregnancies, by developing superior media systems.

In a natural conception, there are two parents involved in the process of creating life. In ART we have “several parents” and we all have an influence and are equally important. We are a part of creating life. We have an inbuilt meaning and purpose because we are doing a job that makes a difference. We all have the same aim and it is a joint effort.

Contact Information:

Craig Hoffmann 
IVF Store LLC.

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