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The Art of Choice - IVF Store

The Art of Choice

Choice vs. Choice

One of the main drivers for starting IVF Store, was to provide IVF laboratories with Extraordinary Service, Convenience, and Choice when it comes to stocking their IVF supplies. 

Recently our team looked at Choice in more detail.

Here is what Wiki says:

  1. 1.
    an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.
    "the choice between good and evil"
    synonyms: option, alternative, possible course of action
    "you have no other choice"
  1. 1.
    (especially of food) of very good quality.
    "he picked some choice early plums"
    synonyms: superior, first-class, first-rate, prime, premier, grade A, best, finest, excellent, select, quality, high-quality, top, top-quality, high-grade, prize, fine, special; 


Here is how your IVF Store Team looks at Choice:
"Provide our customers with a selection of top quality products, from multiple suppliers, in multiple shapes and sizes so that they can make their selection based on what works for them, not what works for us." 

If you are looking for Extraordinary Service, Convenience, and Choice, come to IVF Store and give us a try. 

On behalf of our entire IVF Store team,

Thank you,

Click Here to Start Enjoying Service, Convenience and Choice Today

Specialty Products You've Asked For

We are constantly adding new products to our IVF offering.  If you don't see the specific item you are looking for, click here to tell us and we'll try and add it for you. 

Questions from our Audience
1. Do you carry Nunc 4-well dishes and are they available?
Yes and Yes.  The Nunc Multidish 4 Well, IVF, Delta Treated, Sterile, 510K Cleared dishes have been hard to come by lately.  Some large distributors are back ordered until mid-July for this product.  As of today, we have these in stock and ready to ship.
2. Do you have media?
Beginning in early July, we'll start to carry Nidacon Vitrification Media.  Both VitriBlast and ThermoBlast will be listed on the site and available to ship.  

Supplies Arrive When You Need Them

Increase efficiency and decrease waste by receiving your IVF supplies only as they are needed  By creating lists and standing orders on, you can schedule your supplies to arrive just in time for when you need them.  No more overstocking, or navigating around extra boxes in your supply room. 
Let us help you with scheduling your orders so they arrive when you need.

Thank You

Many of our customers have asked us to continue our Ferrero Rocher promotion.  Don't worry, as long as the Summer heat doesn't melt the chocolate during shipping, we'll run our "Thank You" promotion through at least the end of the year.  Every new customer and every order over $500 receives their very own box of Chocolates as a thank you from your IVF Store Team. 

Happy to help.

Assistance is only an email, chat or phone call away.

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