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Meet Dr. Lotte Stroebech at ASRM Booth #237

Meet Dr. Lotte Stroebech at ASRM Booth #237

Dr. Lotte Stroebech

Dr. Lotte Stroebech will be at the IVF Store booth throughout ASRM to share her expertise and answer questions

This product is not just another medium. It's the outcome of decades of research and hands-on experience by Dr. Lotte Stroebech. With over 20 years of media-making expertise, including significant contributions at Origio, Lotte's commitment to excellence is unparalleled.

By merging scientific ingenuity with clinical experience, AM-IVC Medium ensures optimal conditions for gametes and embryos, facilitating higher success rates for clinics and hopeful parents alike.

ARTSMedia Denmark AM-IVC Launch
ARTSMedia Denmark Model
ARTMSMedia Denmark Baby
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