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CryoSentinel at ASRM 2023: A Revolution in Cryopreservation Monitoring

CryoSentinel at ASRM 2023: A Revolution in Cryopreservation Monitoring

This year's ASRM meeting in New Orleans promises to unveil a plethora of innovations in the world of reproductive medicine, but one standout technology has already piqued the interest of many: CryoSentinel.

A Brief Overview of CryoSentinel

Born from the expertise of an embryologist, CryoSentinel is the result of understanding the intrinsic needs of cryopreservation and overcoming the limitations of today's monitoring systems. This innovative solution has one primary mission: to provide unmatched protection for invaluable assets, like human embryos.

Why is CryoSentinel Gaining Ground?

  • Proactive Monitoring: Unlike conventional systems which sound the alarm post-failure, CryoSentinel's patented thermographic technology is designed to detect even the slightest vacuum degradation well before any significant issues arise. This proactive approach is its most distinguished feature.

  • Global Acceptance: CryoSentinel is not a mere conceptual prototype. It's a proven solution, used and trusted by IVF clinics around the globe. Its track record? Exceptional.

  • Bridging the Reliability Gap: Recent studies have highlighted the unreliability of traditional and legacy monitoring systems. In stark contrast, CryoSentinel stands as a beacon of reliability and trust.

  • The New Gold Standard: Internal temperature monitoring for catastrophic failure? Outdated. CryoSentinel now sets the gold standard for vacuum failure monitoring in the cryopreservation realm.

Exclusive Offer for ASRM Attendees

Understanding the significance of the ASRM meeting and the elite group of professionals it attracts, we're excited to present a special offer. Swing by Booth 237, and not only can you witness CryoSentinel in action, but you'll also get an exclusive chance to explore collaboration opportunities and special offers tailored just for the ASRM community.


At the crossroads of innovation, reliability, and peace of mind, CryoSentinel stands tall, promising a future where cryopreservation risks are mitigated, and trust is guaranteed.

Be sure not to miss this breakthrough showcase. Let's embrace the future of cryopreservation together at ASRM 2023, Booth 237. See you in New Orleans!



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