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Vitrolife Holding Pipettes

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SKU: 15327

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MEA Tested

Vitrolife Holding Pipettes

When precision, choice and control are essential.

Optimal lumen diameter and smooth edges, oocytes and embryos can be handled with minimal trauma.

Description Pipette with a rounded tip and polished opening.

Purpose To hold the oocyte or embryo when performing ICSI or other micromanipulation procedures.

Application For use with a micromanipulator.

Storage Store in room temperature.

Mfr. No. 15284  Holding Pipettes 120µm. Box of 10
Mfr. No. 15305 Holding Pipettes 120µm 30°. Box of 10
Mfr. No. 15306 Holding Pipettes 120µm 35°. Box of 10
Mfr. No. 15316 Holding Pipettes 150µm 30°. Box of 10
Mfr. No. 15327 Holding Pipettes 95µm 20°. Box of 10
Mfr. No. 15328 Holding Pipettes 95µm 30°. Box of 10
Mfr. No. 15331 Holding Pipettes 120µm 20°. Box of 10
Mfr. No. 15610 Holding Pipettes 95µm 35°. Box of 10

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