Vitrification and Warming Plates


Product image 1Vitrification and Warming Plates
Product image 2Vitrification and Warming Plates
Product image 3Vitrification and Warming Plates
Product image 4Vitrification and Warming Plates
Product image 5Vitrification and Warming Plates
Product image 6Vitrification and Warming Plates
Product image 7Vitrification and Warming Plates
Product image 8Vitrification and Warming Plates
Product image 9Vitrification and Warming Plates
Product image 10Vitrification and Warming Plates

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Vitrification and Warming Plates

Never lose the embryos during washing!

  • Easy placement of embryos on Cryotec device with minimum volume VS.
  • Cryotec holder in each Vitri-plate, same focus of washing and placing.
  • Warm well (TS) included in the Warm plate.
  • Easy & very successful ultra-rapid warming.


One possible source of damage to eggs during vitrification is that the equilibrium is not completed and proceeds to the next step. In the past, many people had to rely on experience to determine the completion of equilibrium. However, by giving a specific gravity difference to the liquid, anyone can reliably determine the completion of equilibrium, and the time limit is reduced by further reducing toxicity. You are now released from the pressure of being locked into the operation.


    The osmotic pressure had a change that caused excessive swelling (hypercondensation) of embryos and eggs, and the damage to cells and cytoskeleton was a major problem during thawing process. The cryotech method minimizes the osmotic pressure difference of the solutions and increases the viscosity by adding HPC to achieve very safe and slow dilution.


      Mfr. No. VP010 Cryotec Vitrification Plates. Pack of 10
      Mfr. No. WP010 Cryotec Warming Plates. Pack of 10

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