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Visotubes / Goblets for cryopreservation

Cryo Bio System

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Item: 005561

Visotubes / Goblets for Cryopreservation

For attaching to aluminium cryocane and storing oocytes/embryos in vitrification devices such as Cryolock or CBS High Security straws.

Mfr. No. 005561 10mm visotubes. (300/PK WHITE)
Mfr. No. 006422 10mm visotubes. (300/PK BLUE)
Mfr. No. 006406 10mm visotubes. (300/PK GREEN)
Mfr. No. 006402 10mm visotubes. (300/PK YELLOW)
Mfr. No. 006673 10mm visotubes. (300/PK ORANGE)
Mfr. No. 006392 10mm visotubes. (300/PK RED)
Mfr. No. 006675 10mm visotubes. (300/PK BROWN)
Mfr. No. 006420 13mm visotubes. (300/PK WHITE)
Mfr. No. 006395 13mm visotubes. (300/PK BLUE)
Mfr. No. 006413 13mm visotubes. (300/PK GREEN)
Mfr. No. 006411 13mm visotubes. (300/PK YELLOW)
Mfr. No. 006689 13mm visotubes. (300/PK ORANGE)
Mfr. No. 006404 13mm visotubes. (300/PK RED)
Mfr. No. 006693 13mm visotubes. (300/PK BROWN)
Mfr. No. 020517 13mm visotubes (10/PK White)
Mfr. No. 020518 13mm visotubes (10/PK Blue)
Mfr. No. 020519 13mm visotubes (10/PK Green)
Mfr. No. 020520 13mm visotubes (10/PK Yellow)
Mfr. No. 020521 13mm visotubes (10/PK Orange)
Mfr. No. 020522 13mm visotubes (10/PK Red)

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