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SKU: DW-86L729BP

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Haier intelligent frequency conversion freezers are designed with adaptive control and follow user patterns and environmental conditions to adjust the refrigeration system, substantially reducing energy without compromising performance. Special noise-reduction design, coupled with whisper quite inverter compressor and variable speed fan. Optimized super-thick VIP thermal insulation technology, extending temperature holdover time during power failure and increasing insulation efficiency by 20%.

BPT Series:
Smart Full-Size Touch Screen
10-inch capacitive touch screen, state-of-art UI design coupled with sample management system, optimal user experience, better man-machine interaction

HC & Variable Frequency Drive Refrigeration System for Additional Energy Saving
More advanced innovative design and excellent energy saving performance. Energy consumption is down to a single digit.

loT Software System
Simplified sample management experience
Smart storage: scanning gun& barcode for precise identification, simple and effortless
Precise delivery: retrieve your samples with higher precision and efficiency

BP Series:
Frequency Conversion Technology
Two frequency conversion compressors, designed with adaptive control, follow user patterns and adjust the refrigeration system, substantially reducing energy without compromising performance.

Maximum Energy Efficiency
Due to our SmartFrequency refrigeration technology, innovative cabinet design and the use of hydrocarbon refrigerants, this range of freezers have the lowest energy consumption figures to date at just 8kWh/day.

Precise Temperature Control
The innovative control algorithm balances the effects of temperature loss with the unique frequency conversion refrigeration system, ensuring the cabinet temperature stability of ±3°C.


Mfr No.  DW-86L729BP ULT FREEZER, -86°C, Frequency conversion technology, 25.7Cu.Ft,100-230/60V
Mfr No. DW-86L729BPT ULT FREEZER, -86°C, Frequency conversion technology, 25.7Cu.Ft,100-230/60V, touch screen
Mfr No. DW-86L579BP ULT FREEZER, -86°C, Frequency conversion technology, 20.4Cu.Ft,100-230/60V
Mfr No. DW-86L579BPT ULT FREEZER, -86°C, Frequency conversion technology, 20.4Cu.Ft,100-230/60V, touch screen
Mfr No. DW-86L829BP ULT FREEZER, -86°C, Frequency conversion technology, 29.2Cu.Ft,208-230/60V
Mfr No. DW-86L829BPT   ULT FREEZER,-86°C, Frequency conversion technology, 29.2Cu.Ft,208-230/60V, touch screen

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