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HSG Procedure Tray

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$2,670.00 USD / 100.0 Unit
SKU: TMI1157

HSG Procedure Tray

HSG Tray Brochure Download

Tray Contents:
1 ea. Wrap, CSR 30"
4 ea. Gauze, 4" x 4"
1 ea. Medium Universal Speculum, Welch Allyn
1 ea. Safety Needle, 18G x 1 1/2"
2 ea. Swabsticks, OBGYN 8"
1 ea. PVP Ointment, 1 Gram
2 ea. PVP Solution, .75 oz
1 ea. Disposable Flexible Dilator (Os Finder)
1 ea. Syringe, 20cc
1 ea. Lubricating Jelly
1 ea. Drape w/ 3" Fenestration
2 ea. Sponge, Prep Stick 6"
1 ea. Panty Liner
1 ea. Outer Tray
1 ea. Inner Tray
1 ea. Extension Tubing Set 36" MF

Optional: (Select one)

5Fr HS Catheter
7Fr HS Catheter
5Fr Shapeable HS Catheter
7Fr Shapeable HS Catheter

This product is not made with natural rubber latex


Mfr. No. TMI1157 Disposable HSG Procedure Tray
Mfr. No. TMI1160 Disposable HSG Procedure Tray with 5Fr Flexible HS Catheter
Mfr. No. TMI1161 Disposable HSG Procedure Tray with 7Fr Flexible HS Catheter
Mfr. No. TMI1198 Disposable HSG Procedure Tray with 5Fr Shapeable HS Catheter
Mfr. No. TMI1199 Disposable HSG Procedure Tray with 7Fr Shapeable HS Catheter
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