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Testsimplets® Prestained Sperm Morphology Slides

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SKU: 191574

Testsimplets® Prestained Sperm Morphology Slides

Testsimplets® are prestained, ready-to-use, slides allow a quick and easy differential morphology evaluation of a semen specimen. The stain is a combination of methylene blue-N and cresyl violet acetate. Available in boxes of 50,


Testsimplets are ideal for determining:

  • Spermatozoal staining
  • Differential leukocyte counts without a blood smear
  • Urinary cytology
  • Cancer cytology
  • Cerebrospinal fluid cytology

Easy to Use
Simply apply the specimen to the slide, wait a few minutes and then examine under a light microscope. Specific procedures for specimen preparation and application to the slides are available.


Mfr. No. 191574  Testsimplets® Prestained Sperm Morphology Slides (50/Box)

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