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  • Each SpermCare®/Sperm Wash system contains enough product for 5 determinations.*

  • The SpermCare®/Sperm Wash system is designed to reduce the chance of contamination and help eliminate product waste.

  • Includes everything needed for sperm preparation except a Centrifuge (See Cat # 3150 (InVitroCare® Clinical Centrifuge).

  • Gradient, consisting of silane-coated colloidal silica particles suspended in HEPES-buffered HTF, removes bacteria, epithelial cells, cell debris, immature sperm, and lymphocytes.

  • All system components contain glucose as a usable energy substrate to maintain normal cell metabolism and sperm function.

  • Aseptically packaged and terminally sterilized. 

  • MEA Tested

Store at 2-8ºC

*Requires a centrifuge capable of operating for 30 minutes at 400g (InVitroCare® Clinical Centrifuge Cat # 3150).

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