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Sperm VD Dish (25 Dishes / Pack)

Regular price $324.99

SKU: SVD-1002

Sperm VD Dish

The SpermVD DISH is an accessory for SpermVD designed to enhance and optimize the process of freezing and warming small no. of spermatozoa.
The accessory product provides several advantages over other dishes, commonly used for searching, preserving, heating and injecting rare sperm:

  • Stability
    The niche prevents the SpermVD shifting, when the dish is moved around, allowing easier and safer work for the embryologist.

  • Focal Plane
    The niche brings the SpermVD to the same focal plane as the surface of the SpermVD DISH, eliminating the need to adjust the height of the micromanipulator arm.

  • CE Mark
    The SpermVD DISH is CE Marked and MEA tested, thus suitable to serve as an ICSI dish for all purposes.

  • ICSI Dish too
    The location of the niche near the perimeter leaves enough room for a standard ICSI layout, so retrieved spermatozoa can be injected immediately.

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