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Self-Sealing Autoclave Sterilization Pouch

Regular price $21.00

SKU: 3210.0816

Self-Sealing Autoclave Sterilization Pouch

Fitting any small to mid-size laboratory device, the Qualitix® single use pouches provide easy and effective wrapping of items requiring sterilization. Made with robust medical grade paper, the pouches tightly close with a self-sealing strip to maintain sterility. Content remains always visible through PET / CPP transparent laminated film.

Size Chart

3210.0816 83 x 160mm 3.26 x 6.3 Inches
3210.0926   90 x 260mm 3.54 x 10.23 inches
3210.1326 135 x 260mm 5.31 x 10.23 inches
3210.1936 190 x 360mm 7.48 x 14.17 inches
3210.3040 300 x 395mm 11.8 x 15.55 inches

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