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Replacement HEPA Filters for Forma™ Series II Incubators

Regular price $115.33

SKU: 760175
Product Detail

Replacement HEPA Filters for Forma™ Series II Water-Jacketed CO2 Incubators

Help ensure measurable Class 100 air quality performance with Thermo Scientific™ Replacement HEPA Filters.


  • Replacement HEPA filter for use with 3110 Series
  • 99.97% filtering at 0.3μm
  • Main chamber filter available individually
  • Please note that 760175 & 760209 are the same filter just packaged either as 1 each or a pack of 4. 
Mfr. No. 760175
Replacement HEPA Filter for 3110 Series, 310 Series (w/ HEPA option), Steri-Cycle Series incubators. (Individually packaged.)
Mfr. No. 760209

Replacement HEPA Filter for 3110 Series, 310 Series (w/HEPA option), Steri-Cycle Series incubators. (Value Pack of 4.)

Mfr. No. 760200 Replacement  HEPA2 VOC Filter
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