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ProteX Thermal Semen Collection Container – 1 Case

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ProteX Thermal Semen Collection Container – 1 Case

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For decades, males have collected their semen sample in a multi-purpose specimen cup that was never designed to protect the quality of his sperm. In fact, modern research is now proving specimen cups negatively impact sperm motility and biological membranes critical for fertilization. Now, there’s a better way — with ProteX.

ProteX semen sample collection is the world’s first scientifically designed container that protects sperm during and after collection. Sperm collected in ProteX gain up to a 50% improvement in motility compared to a generic specimen cup within the typical processing period.

Whether collecting for IUI, IVF, or ICSI use, there is no need to rush the collection or the lab processing. ProteX is so effective, it keeps samples viable for up to 48 hours (when used with 1 mL of media). This gives couples the option to collect conveniently at home where they are most comfortable and avoid the extra stress of on-site clinic collection rooms. 

Experience the ProteX factor and try it yourself.


ProteX protects sperm quality during and after collection, so couples have the best chance of assisted fertility success.

The ProteX collection container features an insulated outer liner and an engineered inner funnel designed to mitigate environmental stresses. The outer liner is a unique blended material that protects the sample from damaging temperature fluctuations. The inner funnel is made from a co-polymer with an anti-static property, so the sample easily slides down into the well. The inner well is volume-efficient to reduce surface area exposure. When you add 1 mL of media to the well prior to collection, the semen sample will remain pH-balanced and osmoregulated for up to 48 hours.


  • Collect conveniently at home
  • Easy to use in just a few simple steps
  • Proven to increase the motility of sperm compared to specimen cups
  • No rushing — keeps the sperm sample stable for up to 48 hours (when used with 1mL of media)
  • Allows sperm to naturally adapt to a change in their environment without the shock and activation that occurs in a specimen cup
  • 360° thermal barrier with double wall construction reduces temperature fluctuations and minimizes thermal exchange
  • Reduces the surface exposure area 95% for 10x better thermal control than a specimen cup
  • Prevents up to 30° F temperature drop within the first 10 minutes of collection as seen in specimen cups
  • Slows the cooling rate to 0.5° F per minute, allowing the sample to drive its own temperature
  • Anti-static co-polymer means less sperm loss at collection
  • Spill-proof lid keeps sample safely contained and guards against accidental leaks during handling and transport
  • Sterile, single-use container within a sterile pouch
  • FDA Listed Class I
  • Sperm survival tested
  • 1 Case = 25 Individual Protex Thermal Semen Collection Cups


  • Sales of the product are final.
  • Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns. 

Read more about the published scientific studies and see the featured data. 

Mfr. No. 20001 ProteX (diagnostic and treatment, individually packaged and sterilized) 1 Case of 25 Cups
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