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Oosafe® Disinfection Wipes

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MEA Tested

MEA Tested

Oosafe® Disinfection Wipes, 70 wipes/bucket High Quality Wipes: 260x300 mm, 40 g/m³, 100 % PP

Excellent material compatibility

• CO2 incubators
• Laminar flow hoods
• Equipments
• Ultrasound probes
• Hospital furnitures
• Hi-Macs surfaces
• Glass, plastic, acrylic and metal

Health and safety

• MEA and HSSA tested
• Transparent
• Odorless
• Alcohol-free
• No VOC release

High quality

• Ready-to-use solution
• Anticorrosive
• Security seal
• Valid for 3 years, even after opening
• Approved by scientific studies
• Long term disinfection/low evaporating rate
• Fast disinfection effect

 Application: Wipe the surface evenly and wait 15 min for the disinfection effect.

Active ingredients: Quaternary ammonium compound: Benzyl-alkyldimethyl chloride 2,6 mg/g.

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