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Oosafe® Center Well Dish

Regular price $369.99

$74.00 USD / 100.0 Unit

Oosafe® Center Well Dish with 2 compartments - Label Area Grip, 10 pcs/pack, 500 pcs/case

Embryologists Comments: CW03 is the same dish at the same price in the same packaging, the only difference being that instead of the wing grips it has a full grip ring encircling the dish. This disallows labeling the side of the dish, which only a few labs have this as their protocol.  In addition, the CW03 may not fit well in some bench top incubators similar to the CW05.

Oosafe high-end plasticware is approved by scientists – but you don’t have to take their word for it. Quality testing of each lot ensures that Oosafe dishes meet a high standard every time.


  • Made of Medical Grade USP VI Tested Raw Materials: Polystyrene
  • One cell Mouse Embryo Assay Tested (MEA ≥ 80 % Blastocyst)
  • Non-pyrogenic: Endotoxin Tested (LAL ≤ 0.03 EU/mL)
  • Human Sperm Survival and Motility Tested (SMI ≥ 0.75)
  • Clear Microscope Image
  • Superior thermal transfer from heated stages
  • Easy Grip Design for safe transfer – no more squeezing dishes just to keep the lid on!
  • Sterilized with Gamma Irradiation
  • Manufactured and Sterilized in an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certified Facility
  • CE marked


Mfr. No. OOPW-CW05 Oosafe® Center Well Dish With 2 Compartments – Label Area Grip (10 Pcs/Pack, 500 Pcs/Case)
Mfr. No. OOPW-CW03 Oosafe® Center Well Dish With 2 Compartments – NO Label Area Grip (10 Pcs/Pack, 500 Pcs/Case)
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