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Olympus BX43F Microscope Package for Semen Evaluation

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Olympus BX43F Microscope Package Semen Evaluation and Analysis

This Microscope is preconfigured for semen analysis and morphology reading. The BX43 microscope offers an outstanding range of features, high optical performance and is the ideal platform for digital imaging. This flexible microscope offers various contrast methods and superior optics combined with true-color LED illumination for excellent color rendering.


  • Phase contrast
  • x10, x20, x100 objectives included
  • True-color LED illumination
  • Microscope is preassembled and ready to use out of the box.
  • Fixed or Tilting Head (Tilting head shown)

Efficiency is maximized by the ergonomic design, while ease of use is optimized by the light intensity manager, which eliminates manual intensity adjustments for each objective. A wide range of accessories makes it possible to expand the system to cover more techniques, making it adaptable to meet future requirements.

*Some basic assembly is required. All tools and instructions are provided.


Ergonomics for the User

A comfortable view is entirely different from person to person and it is, therefore, essential that the microscope can accommodate each user down to the millimeter. The Olympus line-up of observation tubes provides this capability, whether it’s inclination angle, tube extension and/or tube height adjustment, a full flexible three-dimensional adjustment is possible.

High Adjustable Binocular Tube

Creating the perfect upright and comfortable posture during microscope operation is not only essential but entirely dependent on the user. With the ergonomically perfected telescopic and, tilting, lifting observation tube, the inclination angle, tube extension, and tube height can be adjusted, allowing a fully flexible set-up in three dimensions. As a result, the microscope can be adjusted to precisely match the user, rather than the other way round.

White LED with High Color Rendering

Equivalent to a 30 W Halogen Lamp The BX43 microscope utilizes a high color rendering white LED with a luminosity equivalent to a 30 W halogen lamp. The longlasting LED provides users with a consistent color temperature at any brightness level.

10x, 20, 100x Objectives included



BX43TF is custom built for the Andrology lab and includes:

Observation Method Phase Contrast
Fluorescence (Ultraviolet Excitations)
Differential Interference Contrast
Simple Polarized Light
Illuminator Transmitted Koehler Illuminator LED Lamp
    Halogen Lamp 30 W
      Fluorescence Illuminator Hg Lamp 100 W
        Xenon Lamp 75 W
          Light Guide Illumination
            Focus Focusing Mechanism Stage Focus
            Intermediate Magnification Changer Manual Terret
            Revolving Nosepiece Manual Coded Max. 7 position
            Standard Type Max. 7 position
            Stage Mechanical Mechanical Stages with Right-Hand Control X: 76 mm, Y: 52 mm
              Oil Rectangular Stage with Right-Hand Control X: 76 mm, Y: 52 mm
                Plain Stage U-SP
                Rotatable Graduated Stage Rotation: 360 degrees
                  Condenser Manual Universal Condenser Dry: NA0.9/ W.D.1.5 mm, Oil: NA1.4/ W.D.0.63 mm (1.25 X - 100 X)
                  Swing-Out Condenser NA0.9/ W.D.2 mm (1.25 X - 100 X)
                  Achromatic/Aplanatic Condenser NA1.4/ W.D.- (10 X - 100 X)
                  Ultra Low Condenser NA0.16/ W.D.- (1.25 X - 4 X)
                  Darkfield Condenser Dry NA0.8 - 0.92/ W.D.4.52 mm (10 X - 40 X)
                  Darkfield Condenser Oil NA1.2 - 1.4/ W.D.0.5 mm (20 X - 100 X)
                  Low Magnification Condenser NA0.75/ W.D.1.55 mm (2 X - 100 X)
                  Abbe Conenser NA1.1/ W.D.- (4 X - 100 X)
                  Phase Contrast Condenser NA1.1/ W.D.0.7 mm (4 X - 100 X)
                  Polarizing Condenser NA0.9/ W.D.- (4 X - 100 X)
                  Observation Tubes Widefield (FN 22) Binocular
                  Dimensions 274.5 (W) x 362 (D) x 410 (H) mm (Standard Configuration)
                  Weight 13.2 kg (Standard Configuration)
                  Operating Environment Indoor Use Ambient Temperature 5 - 40 ºC (41 - 104 ºF)
                  Maximum Relative Humidity 80 % for temperatures up to 31 ºC (88 ºF), decreasing linearly through 70 % at 34 ºC (93 ºF), 60 % at 37 ºC (99 ºF), to 50 % relative humidity at 40 ºC (104 ºF)
                  Supply Voltage Fluctuations ±10 % 
                  Mfr No. BX43F Olympus BX43F Microscope Package. Objectives included 
                  Mfr No. BX43TF Olympus BX43TF Microscope Package. Includes tilting head.

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