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MIRI® TL Time Lapse Incubator-QUOTE

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MIRI® TL Time Lapse Incubator

“A state of the art time-lapse incubation system for IVF”

The MIRI® TL is a multi-room incubator with a built-in camera and microscope that allows embryologists to view the development of the embryo from fertilization until the day of transfer without any disturbances. This significantly reduces the environmental stresses placed on the embryo when comparing to current standard incubation practices.

The advanced technology found in the MIRI® TL also allows all important events to be observed, and culminating in the stress-free incubation environment leads to improved embryo traits and pregnancy rates.


  • Heated Lid
    • Prevents condensation.
    • Enhances temperature regulation/recovery.
    • Excellent uniformity between the top and bottom lid.
  • Time-Lapse Monitoring
    • As images are digitally-stored, a video can be generated to enable a more objective and reliable grading of the embryo.
    • The Time-Lapse video enables a detailed scoring of embryos cultured for better prediction of future developmental and implantation potential.
  • Multi-room System
    • The MIRI® TL6 and MIRI® TL12 have multi-room individual chambers which allow embryologists to culture embryos within one independent environmentally stable chamber for each patient.
  • Direct Heat Transfer
    • Provides superior temperature stability.
    • Less than one (1) minute of temperature recovery.
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
    • Easily change parameter settings with a reliable touch-screen display. Configuration is as simple as you need it to be.

Watch them Grow

Using a built-in camera and a microscope, the MIRI® TL can continuously capture time-lapse images of your embryo as it develops. This empowers the users with the ability to make better informed decisions in regard to the outcome of the embryos.


More Data under Observations, Better Selection

  • By using the embryo evaluation tools on the Viewer station, only the best embryos may be selected and therefore, unviable embryos can be eliminated from the start.
  • Retrospective data analysis provides complete documentation of patient details, treatment and embryo data. This can also be used for reference, knowledge sharing and training for embryologists.

Don't miss out on crucial events

  • Time-Lapse provides continuous surveillance of all embryos.
  • No more missing important events:
    • actual timing of cleavages compared to ideal time
    • actual timing of morula and blastocyst stages
    • detect unusual cleavage patterns such as Direct Cleavage and Reverse Cleavage
    • synchrony of divisions
    • multinucleation
  • The time-lapse session runs up to 199 hours.

Time-Lapse Embryo Recording and Monitoring

The main screen shows all chambers as each counter illustrates the duration of time-lapse recording made. At the upper right portion, snapshots of other useful information regarding the incubator such as temperature, pH measurement, CO2 and O2 status, and Set Points (SP) are displayed.


CultureCoin, a culture dish, exclusively designed for the Miri® TL

One (1) MIRI® TL chamber can hold one (1) CultureCoin. Each dish can accommodate up to fourteen (14) embryos, each with a numbered well assignment. The MIRI® TL6 can hold up to 84 embryos, and the Miri® TL12 up to 168 embryos.

Key Features

  • Each embryo is cultured in its own environment.
  • Ergonomic design for easy, safe, and secure handling of embryos.
  • Independent well for pH measurements.
  • Oxygen plasma treated surface for the effective prevention of bubble formation.
  • Gamma-sterilized.

Superior Incubation Environment

In MIRI® TL, separate chambers have been designed to prevent cross-contamination during the incubation process. The independent temperature regulation ensures optimal embryo developmental conditions. This significantly reduces disturbance and minimizes stressful factors that may be introduced when taking the dishes out of the incubator. This value-added treatment provides a unique incubation environment with the market’s safest procedures.

Data And Alarms Logging

The MIRI®TL data logger continuously documents all incubation parameters such as flow, pressure, and concentration of CO2, O2 and temperature regulation data. Details of any alarming events such as out-of-range parameters are also stored for retrieval.

You can also view similar performance data right on your MIRI® TL Viewer Software on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for all chambers. Data can also be easily printed for record keeping/audits.

Miri TL Catalogue

Miri TL6 Brochure

Miri TL12 Brochure

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Overall Dimensions

785 x 596 x 380 mm (30.9 x 23.5 x 15.0”)

960 x 700 x 325 mm  (37.8 x 27.6 x 12.8”)

Temperature Control Range

25 - 40 °C

25 - 40 °C

Gas Consumption (CO2) *

< 2 L/h

< 2 L/h

Gas Consumption (N2) **

< 10 L/h

< 10 L/h

CO2 Control Range

1.9 - 10%

1.9 - 10%

O2 Control Range

5 - 20%

5 - 20%

Input Gas Pressure

0.6 bar (8.7 psi)

0.6 bar (8.7 psi)

Built-in Microscope

Zeiss 20x, objective has numerical aperture of 0.35, specialized for 635 nm illumination

Embryo Illumination

0.064s per image, using 1W single red LED (635nm)

0.064s per image, using 1W single red LED (635nm)

Camera Resolution

1280 x 1024. Monochrome, 8-bit, IDS system.

1280 x 1024. Monochrome, 8-bit, IDS system.

Optics Tube Ratio

2.22 px/μm

2.22 px/μm

Imaging Focal Planes

5 min. image interval in 3 to 7 focal planes

5 min. image interval in 3 to 7 focal planes

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