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Makler Sperm Counting Chamber Kit

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SKU: SM-363

Makler Reusable Sperm Counting Chamber

The Makler sperm counting chamber can be used to perform a sperm count from an undiluted semen specimen during IVF and andrology related procedures.

The number of spermatozoa counted in any strip of 10 squares of the grid indicates their concentration in millions/mL. No additional factors are necessary for calculation.


    • The depth of 10 microns eliminates blurring and allows sperm to move freely. The applied sample is observed in one focal plane.
    • The grid is on the cover glass. This eliminates the need to insert a grid into the microscope eye piece and remove it when not required.
    • Reusable. Easily cleaned with a non-bleach disinfectant solution.
    • Observation of color fringes at the four contact points, provides a self-controlled test for accuracy. The cover glass can never be raised by the applied sample.
    • Repeated use with complete accuracy without calibration.
    • Manufactured by state-of-the-art precision engineering. Checked individually by laser beam for precision and accuracy.
    • 20X objective or 20X eyepieces required



  1. Mix the specimen well, taking care to avoid formation of bubbles.

  2. With the aid of a wooden rod or pipette, place a small drop in the centre of the disc area.

  3. Grasp the cover glass with your fingers opposite the black dots and immediately place the cover glass on the four pins.

  4. Press gently, looking again for the appearance of the color fringes.

  5. The drop will spread on the entire area of the disc into a thickness of 10 microns.

  6. Once the cover glass is in place, avoid touching, lifting and covering again, as this may change the uniform spread of sperm within the chamber.

  7. Lift the chamber by its handles and place it on the stage of the microscope.

  8. You may use the chamber grip to fit it properly.

Sperm count:

The sperm heads within the squares of the grid are counted in the same way blood cell are counted in hemocytometer.


In the event the number of sperm is substantial, count their number in a strip of 10 squares. This number represents their concentration in millions per mL.

Repeat this count in another strip or two, to determine the average. Alternatively or optionally, it is recommended that the count be made from 2 or 3 other drops of the specimen to increase the reliability of count determination. In the case of oligospermic specimen, it is suggested to count sperm in the entire grid area. Five zeros are then added to the number counted and the result is the concentration in millions per mL.

Cleaning and preparation for reuse:

Do not rinse or soak the chamber in tap water. Dip the brush into water or into noncorrosive antiseptic solution and simply wipe both sides of the glasses. Then, squeeze the brush and sponge off the remaining water. Finally dry the surface with the lint free lens paper.

Avoid touching the tips of the pins as much as possible. The chamber is now ready for reuse.

Makler Sperm Counting Chamber for CASA is the same as the non-Casa system, with the exception of the cover glass which has no Grid


Mfr. No. SM-363 Makler sperm counting chamber
Mrf. No. SM-373 Makler sperm counting chamber for CASA System
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