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Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar


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SKU: YDS-65-216

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Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar

Multilayer protection for ultimate safety – Temperature and level are monitored in realtime to safeguard the storage environment. Alarms can be transmitted through email, IMand wechat.

Cloud data storage for traceability – Temperature and level data can be transmitted toHaier’s IoT platform for storage. All data is traceable and stored permanently.

Low consumption rate and high-performance stability  - Automated manufacture ensures build quality and reliable vacuum which delivers stable and uniform temperature performance as well as low LN2 consumption rates.

Double lock and double control design  - The new double lock and double control design requires two people to open at the same time to ensure sample safety.

Dual monitoring respectively for temperature and liquid level  - Storage temperature and liquid level are automatically monitored by a high precision controller. Accurate and real-time information ensures samples safety.

Color identification for Rack handles  - Rack handles are color-coded for ease of separating storage zones and managing samples.


  • 5 models from 2,400 to 6,000 cryovial capacity
  • 5 years vacuum warranty
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Realtime monitor of temperature and level
  • Cloud data storage for traceability
  • Low consumption rate and high-performance stability
  • New lock design


Mfr No.  YDS-65-216 Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar, 65 Liter, Aluminum
Mfr No. YDS-95-216 Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar, 95 Liter, Aluminum
Mfr No. YDS-115-216 Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar, 115 Liter, Aluminum
Mfr No. YDS-145-216 Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar, 145 Liter, Aluminum
Mfr No. YDS-175-216 Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar, 175 Liter, Aluminum 


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