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Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar -QUOTE


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SKU: YDS-10-125

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Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar-QUOTE

Haier Biomedical’s Small Sized Storage Series (Square Racks) Liquid Nitrogen Storage System features low LN2 consumption and small storage capacity for laboratory applications. The lightweight containers have a smaller footprint whilst providing maximum efficiency of cryogenic storage capacity

Advanced vacuum and insulation technologies provide ultra-low liquid nitrogen evapouration loss and ensure up to three months cryogenic storage.

Key Features

  • Dual handles
  • 5 year vacuum warranty
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Ultra-low LN2 evapouration loss
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Heavy duty lockable enclosure offers excellent security
  • Roller bases available
  • Temperature monitoring available


Mfr No.  YDS-10-125 Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar, 10 Liter, Aluminum
Mfr No. YDS-30-125 Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar, 30 Liter, Aluminum
Mfr No. YDS-35-125 Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar, 35 Liter, Aluminum
Mfr No. YDS-47-127 Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar, 47 Liter, Aluminum
Mfr No. YDS-50B-125 Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar, 50 Liter, Aluminum 


Liquid Nitrogen Storage Solutions Brochure

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