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K-UMI Manipulator

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SKU: TMI6003

K-UMI Manipulator

The K-UMI Manipulator™ is both a uterine manipulator and a uterine injector for single use. This is a sterile (by ethylene oxide) disposable product made of clear polyvinyl chloride which meets USP recommendations for implant testing. The product is designed with a double lumen, one for inflation of a 10cc intrauterine balloon and the other for injection of fluid through a distal endport. The product is curved to facilitate forward uterine manipulation. The product features an inflation valve and pilot balloon assembly, an endport, an inflatable balloon, centimeter depth markings, cervical stop, a movable rigid plastic handle with a pinch clamp, and a luer fitting to accommodate a syringe. The K-UMI Manipulator features a sliding handle that can be easily positioned along the length of the catheter shaft. This allows positioning the cervical stop at the desired measured depth. The balloon is inflated in the uterus and retracted against the internal os. The cervical stop is pressed firmly against the cervix by advancing the handle while holding the catheter shaft. When the handle is locked, the K-UMI maintains a secure, trauma-free hold on the uterus. The instrument has a length of 14.5 inches (37cm) and an outside diameter of 5mm.


Mfr No. TMI6003  Uterine Manipulator / Injector 4.5 mm (Box of 12)
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