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Vitrolife IVF Certified Collection Dish 90mm

Regular price $280.00

$116.67 USD / 100.0 Unit
SKU: 16007

Vitrolife Collection Dish 90mm

The 90 mm round culture Dish is dedicated for oocyte retrieval. 

Guaranteed embryo and gamete safe

Sterility assurance level (irradiation)10-6
Virgin polystyrene
• Non-pyrogenic at less than 0.25 endotoxin units/device
• Quality standard – Medical Device EU Class IIa, Canada CMD/CAS
• MEA using multiple endpoints, including 1-cell, expanded blastocyst within 96 hours ≥ 80% and cell count.

Temperature consistency between dishes

Embryos in culture are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations, therefore consistent temperature ensures embryo viability. This can be accomplished with Vitrolife Labware. All square dishes have an absolute flat bottom. When placed on a heated stage, all dishes receive the same bottom temperature.

The picture shows four products from Vitrolife Labware on a heated stage calibrated to 37°C. Once you have calibrated the temperature of your heated stage you can feel confident that all dishes will have the same temperature.

Labelling area secures patient identification

To secure patient identification, dishes have a dedicated area for labels or barcodes for convenient and safe ID-management. The label area is away from the handling area.

Convenient handling

The square dishes are designed with an easy grip-feature, which enables stacking and makes for easy handling and optimised storage space. The format of the dishes also makes it possible to fully take advantage of microscopes with X/Y stages.


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