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Vitrolife IVF Certified 5mL Sample Tube

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SKU: 16103
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MEA Tested

Vitrolife IVF Certified 5mL Sample Tube

The Vitrolife 5mL sample tube has a two-position cap enabling conditioning of media. MEA and HSSA-tested.

The Vitrolife Labware tubes are specifically designed and certified for IVF, enabling a safe environment for your IVF procedures.

Why you should use IVF certified plastics

There are at least 30 plastic items involved in every IVF procedure. If each of them reduce the embryo viability by 2%, the final viability at re-implantation is reduced by 44%. Download this white paper to learn about what to think about when using plastics in your IVF lab.


    SKU 16103 - Sample Tube
    • Description: 5 ml Sample Tube, Two position cap (PE).
    • Purpose: For sampling of semen.
    • Application: Ready to use.
    • Storage: Store in room temperature.
     Why Vitrolife

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