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IM-11-2 Pneumatic Microinjector

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IM-11-2 Pneumatic Microinjector

No Oil Refill Required. Everything Pneumatic!

Includes Pneumatic Controller and HI-9 Injection Holder (See Photo)

Superior performance of an oil hydraulic injector can be fully achieved by this new pneumatic control system.

Narishige has unveiled a new injector that is easy to use, even for a beginner.

A Change from Hydraulic Control to Pneumatic
For example, catching and releasing of a micro-object in liquid by charge and discharge of air pressure can be controlled more easily, as compared to using an oil-hydraulic-injector.
Oil and Maintenance Free
There is no need to fill oil into this injector. Install the capillary, and it is ready to use. The air pressure can be controlled with the same response as using an oil hydraulic injector.
Smooth Pneumatic Control
This pneumatic injector was designed to have smooth control. It is designed to be the same quality that Narishige is known for. The smooth pneumatic control will surprise you.
Ready-to-use Air microinjector.
No oil required.
No More! Filling Oil
No More!
Filling Oil
No More! Air Bubbles
No More!
Air Bubbles
No More! Syringe Leakage
No More!
Syringe Leakage

New Injection Holder.
Easy to control air pressure.
Easy to control air pressure


Three Simple Steps!

Usually, many steps are required to set a capillary on the microscope, however the new IM-11-2 injector requires only three steps.

STEP 1 - Install your capillary

* Unlike an oil hydraulic injector, there is no need to adjust the oil level or check for air bubbles.

STEP 2 - Bring the capillary into the field of view of the microscope.


STEP 3 - Move the capillary lower until it dips into the liquid (PVP, etc.) used for the experiment.


All set! - After soaking up the liquid, now it is ready to control!


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