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Sperm Screening ICSI and PGD Biopsy Dish (only 2 left in stock)

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SKU: RBC-2028

Sperm Screening ICSI and PGD Biopsy Dish (only 2 left in stock)

This product can be utilized in ICSI procedures to select sperm. The dish features a lid similar to a conventional dish and the bottom is marked with 1-5 rows of circular wells for storing culture medium droplets and eggs. On the other side, there are two small circles with a concave shape and an upward-slanting bottom with a fine groove structure. Sperm can be placed on the pre-placed PVP groove, and as they swim uphill, they will be separated from immotile sperm. The most motile sperm can be obtained from the top of the trench structure (the summit of the incline) and then used for sperm injection to fertilize the eggs.


  • Patent protect
  • Simple and easy use
  • Natural screening sperm
  • Effective separation of impurities and pathogens
  • Sterility test passed
  • One-cell MEA tested
  • Endotoxin test passed
  • Produced under ISO 13485 clean facility
  • Patented product


Mfr. No. RBC-2028  Sperm Screening ICSI Dish. Case of 400
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