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i4 - Active Vibration Isolation Desktop System-QUOTE

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i4 Series - Active Vibration Isolation

Functionality and High Performance

The i4 active vibration isolation desktop system can be placed onto standard laboratory tables. It takes only a few seconds to start up the i4. No adjusting or tuning is required. Due to the self-explanatory control panel the user is able to completely concentrate on the application.

The halcyonics_i4 is a state-of-the-art active vibration isolation system, which is ideal for isolating high-resolution measurement equipment from building vibrations and other disturbances. Besides the low-profile carbon-design, the system features straightforward handling for an easy operation.

The two versions of the i4 system are multifunctional active vibration isolation systems for a variety of applications. This allows you flexibility for future applications with just one model. The isolation effect starts at 0.6 Hz, achieving the max. performance of -40 dB at 10 Hz, where 99.0% of the vibration is isolated.



  • Automatic load adjustment and transport lock
  • Multifunctional isolation system for a wide range of applications
  • Compact and portable
  • No natural low frequency resonance - excellent vibration isolation characteristics in low frequency range
  • Active isolation in six degrees of freedom
  • Excellent position stability - high inherent stiffness
  • No compressed air required - just power supply
  • Instantaneous generation of a counterforce to compensate vibrations — real active isolation

Besides the extremely short settling time, a major advantage is the lack of a low frequency resonance, which is a frequency where passive isolators amplify vibrations instead of isolating them. There is no compressed air supply needed to operate the isolation system. AC power from an electrical outlet is sufficient. The halcyonics_i4 provides active compensation in all six degrees of freedom.

The control panel of the i4 is self-explanatory and the entire system is controlled by only three buttons. No manual adjusting or tuning is required. This enables the user to completely concentrate on the application.

  • Includes 2 year warranty
  • Ships for free from manufacturer in Germany and includes coordination through US Customs
  • This item may be returned in original purchase condition and packaging within 15 days of delivery. The buyer is responsible for the return shipping charges.


i4 Series - Active Vibration Isolation

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