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HyClone™ Water for Injection (WFI) Quality Water

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SKU: SH31191.LS

HyClone™ Water for Injection (WFI) Quality Water

Support cell culture growth and biomanufacturing process with Cytiva HyClone Water for Injection (WFI) Quality Water.

WFI quality water with the quality and reliability you have come to expect from Cytiva HyClone products.

Cytiva HyClone Water for Injection (WFI) Quality Water is available in convenient volumes and packagings to fit your cell culture and biomanufacturing process. As products move from bench scale to production, capitol investment in dedicated WFI quality water systems and the related validation and testing costs can be exorbitant. EudraLex Annex 1 aligned facilities have the capacity to support WFI quality water use throughout the scale-up process. Manufactured in cGMP (21 CFR 820) compliant and ISO9001 certified facilities using a validated water purification system that meets or exceeds USP or EP requirements.


  • Meets stringent USP
  • Certificate of Analysis included with product and available electronically for future reference
  • Bioprocess volumes available in industry excellent animal derived component free (ADCF) film

Recommended for:

  • Hydration of media, suppliments and salt solutions
  • Rinsing of primary packaging, production vessels, equipment and room surfaces
  • Reconstitution and rehydration of product during synthesis
  • Preparation of rinse, purification, and chromatography buffers
  • Further manufacturing of finished product


Volume  Old Product Number New Product Number
1x1000mL SH30221.10 SH31191.03
6x1000mL SH30221.LS SH31191.LS

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