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Handsoap and Gel Cleanser

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Handsoap and Gel Cleanser


BACDOWN® Professional Handsoap cleans your hands without drying or chapping. Formulated for repeated hand-scrubbing, BACDOWN® blends soothing coconut-based surfactants with triclosan, that is gentle to the skin.

Unlike all other laboratory handsoaps, BACDOWN® cleans without drying your skin!  The unique blending of coconut detergents in BACDOWN® makes it cosmetically acceptable and eliminates skin drying, even when used 20, 30 or 40 times a day as in clinical labs and healthcare situations.

Gel Cleanser:

Bacdown® Gel No-Rinse Skin Cleaner is for professional laboratory and healthcare use where soap and water are not available. Bacdown®Gel's formula is gentle on skin and meets OSHA requirements as a hand cleanser. 


Technical Data Sheet


Mfr. No. 7018 BACDOWN Handsoap, 500mL
Mfr. No. 7001 BACDOWN Handsoap, 1L (34 oz.)
Mfr. No. 7005 BACDOWN Handsoap, 5L

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