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LYKOS® Clinical IVF Laser System-QUOTE

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LYKOS® Clinical IVF Laser System

The LYKOS® represents the next generation of clinical lasers from Hamilton Thorne, with both the laser and RED-i® target locator built into a customized 40x objective.

  • 300 mW laser power and one microsecond pulse length
  • Laser and RED-i® target locator built into 40x objective
  • Multi-pulse mode for fast and easy trophectoderm biopsy
  • High image quality
  • Improved working distance - use with or without glass heater
  • No laser alignment needed
  • Similar in size to standard objectives
  • Compatible with all major microscope models

Patented Isotherm Rings™ for Highest Safety

Our hallmark Isotherm Rings is a software generated target visible on the monitor that allows safe positioning of the cell during laser treatment. Only the Isotherm Rings show the peak temperature reached at each position due to the selected laser pulse. Any adjustments made to the laser settings are automatically factored into the calculated Isotherm Rings and immediately shown on the screen.

RED-i® Target Locator

The RED-i target locator is visible through the microscope eyepieces. By allowing you to position the cell under the laser beam without looking at the monitor, the RED-i speeds workflow and increases efficiency during laser application. The target spot always remains in focus and has an adjustable brightness level.

The RED-i speeds workflow by allowing you to position the cell under the laser beam without looking at the monitor.

  • Built into the LYKOS laser objective
  • Red LED indicator spot visible through microscope eyepieces
  • Adjustable brightness level
  • Always remains in focus
  • Laser beam is NOT transmitted through eyepieces - SAFE for your eyes
  • Simple alignment process

Compatible with Fluorescence

The LYKOS and ZILOS-tk do not require removal of any component to use your microscope’s fluorescence. The objectives possesses enhanced UV transmission and are compatible with stains such as Hoechst, DAPI, plus others. Note that no therapeutic or clinical laser procedures should be performed under fluorescent illumination.

Multipulse Software Mode

The Multipulse Software allows for rapid, repeated firing of the laser for fast and easy trophectoderm biopsy.

The Multi-Pulse feature provides rapid, repeated firing of the laser to facilitate removal of cells from an embryo during the trophectoderm biopsy process. Trophectoderm biopsy is considered one of the best methods used to remove cells from the embryos of patients undergoing pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to screen for genetic disease or aneuploidy.

Prior to release of the Multi-pulse software, individual laser shots were required to weaken or break the junctions between the trophectoderm cells so that they can be aspirated into the biopsy micropipette. The significant advantage of Multi-Pulse is that one press of the remote footswitch initiates multiple laser pulses in rapid succession for fast and easy cell separation, thereby limiting the amount of time the embryo spends outside the incubator.


  • Laser is integrated into specially designed 40x objective that produces high quality images
  • Functions in visible, infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths
  • High-power, Class 1, 1460 nm laser with pulse durations as low as 1 microsecond
  • Intuitive Clinical Laser software
  • Choice of computer-generated drilling targets, including patented Isotherm Rings™
  • Ability to measure captured images minimizes the time the embryo spends outside of the incubator
  • Fire laser by mouse or foot switch remote Highly portable for travel between facilities
  • Easily transferable between different makes and models of inverted microscope
  • No laser realignment required Fast installation and simple set-up


  • 40x LYKOS objective with built-in Class 1 laser diode (1460 nm)
  • RED-i Target Locator
  • Choice of small form factor desktop system with 24” HD widescreen monitor or laptop system
  • Remote foot switch for firing laser
LYKOS Clinical Laser for IVF Procedures

Version 6 Laser Software & Hardware

The HT Laser 6 software provides the same precise, easy-to-use laser-assisted hatching and embryo biopsy laser application as the legacy software version but features a modern and clean user-interface plus new and enhanced features.


  • Intuitive, redesigned software interface for maximum usability
  • Quick-select Laser mode and Objective menus for easy switching between laser control modes and objectives
  • New high resolution, large format digital camera allows full screen imaging and auto exposure
  • Increased multipulse enable time permits up to 10 minutes of uninterrupted micromanipulation time
  • Integrated patient and embryo database for data and images
  • Ability to design unlimited reports and query all saved data for ASCII export
  • Language localization for English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese
Image Capture
  • Save images with or without the target overlay
  • Capture image automatically upon laser firing
  • Save images with File Name Stamp and auto-labels
  • Automatic image naming using user-defined root name or report name

Magnification value saved with image 
[Time-lapse video capture should not be used for therapeutic or diagnostic procedures.]

  • Real-time and Time-lapse Video Capture
  • Files saved as standard .mp4 video format
  • Automatic video file naming using user-defined root or report name
Image Auto-labeling
  • User-defined auto-labeling allows creation of multiple labels
  • Choose from date, time, objective information and report input values (such as patient name and embryo ID)
  • Designate specific location of each label on image
Freehand Text/Drawing/Measuring Tools
  • Add custom text using any available font type and style, in any system color
  • Draw ellipses, rectangles or lines, select outline thickness and color
  • Measure any aspect of the captured image

Integrated Database and Reporting

  • Save patient and embryo information
  • Save data from multiple cycles
  • Design unlimited reports
  • Ability to select any stored data for output to ASCII file
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