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GMH 3231 Thermometer -220 up to +1750 °C Sensor type J, K, S, T

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SKU: GMH 3231

GMH 3231 Series Thermometer -220 up to +1750 °C Sensor type J, K, S, T

The Greisinger GMH 3230 Series is a Digital Precision Quick-Response Thermometer for Thermocouples. This Thermometer is able to use five different thermocouples, (types J, K, N, S, T). The connection is via miniature thermocouple connector. The two-line display, keypad and dust-tight enclosure allow a user-friendly and reliable operation.

The thermometer is suitable for all quick-response, high-precision temperature measurements.

  • Freely programmable analogue output 0 to 1V or serial interface
  • Connection 5 different thermocouples (type J, K, N, S, T)
  • Temperature display in °C or °F (optional)
  • Possibility to correct the measured value when measuring surface temperature
  • Serial Interface
  • Minimum and maximum memory of measured values, HOLD function
  • The possibility of entering the zero point correction
  • Operation from battery or AC adaptor
  • Low power consumption 1.6mA
  • Battery life: 1000 hours with a standard 9V battery (included)
  • Probes not included
  • Input: 2
  • Manufacturer's part: Greisinger GMH 3231 - The manufacturer originally manufactured this Thermometer as 3230.  There are no differences between the GMH 3230 and the 3231.  The 3230 is now a series of Thermometers, vs just 1 particular thermometer. 


Compensation value for surface measurements: A compensation value (to compensate for the loss when transferring heat from the meas. object to the probe) can be set and switched on/off for surface measurements if required. Thermocouples: J, K, N, S, T. Resolution: 0,1°C or. 1°C. Measuring range: -220°C ... +1750°C (depending on thermocouples) Probe connections: 2. Display: 2 four digit LCD's (12.4mm and 7mm high).

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