G100 Portable IVF Gas Analyzer


Product image 1Viasensor CO2 0-20% / O2 0-100% (G100-10N, CO2 & O2)
Product image 2Viasensor CO2 0-20% (G100-00N, CO2 Only)
Product image 3Viasensor G100 Incubator Gas Analyser for IVF labs
Product image 4G100 Portable IVF Gas Analyzer

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G100 Portable IVF CO2/O2 Gas Analyzer

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The G100 portable gas analyzer allows for fast and accurate measurement of carbon dioxide in embryo culture incubators. Additionally, the optional oxygen analysis allows embryologists to monitor low oxygen tension incubation systems. The G100 portable gas analyzer is a highly recommended item for the IVF Lab.

Options available for CO2/O2 sensor or CO2 Only.  Check the Mfr. Number below or in the drop down menu. 


  • The G100 is a portable CO2 analyzer used by embryologists and lab technicians
  • It enables quick verification and validation of CO2 levels in incubators
  • Used and distributed globally to the medical and research industries
  • CO2 measurement levels between 0-20%
  • Improved accuracy on CO2 readings
  • Optional extra gases: measures O2 (0-100%); dual temperature probe (0-50 degrees C); humidity sensor (0-100%)
  • G100 accessories are available so you can make more of your unit by allowing further measuring options
  • The G100 comes with a one year warranty
  • Lightweight, study, easy to carry around the laboratory
  • Inspection, Calibration and Repair for the G100 is available through IVF Store


    1. Accurate readings and quick verification of CO2 incubator levels – a reading takes under a minute
    2. Using one instrument makes analysis simple and easy
    3. Built in gas moisture removal protects the G100 from water ingress
    4. Dual temperature probes help you to adjust the temperature to stabilise conditions within your incubator and helps you analyze temperature variation
    5. The G100’s easy to read menu and large, well lit display makes data readings quick and simple
    6. User friendly software specifically created for the G100 helps you make sense of your data storage and download

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      Mfr. No. G100-00N Portable CO2 analyzer. CO2 0-20%

      Includes: Battery Charger and Sample Tube Kit.

      This is for CO2 measurement only. 

      Mfr. No. G100-00PKG

      Portable CO2 analyzer. CO2 0-20%
      Includes: Battery Charger, Sample Tube Kit, Hard carry Case, Soft Carry Case, and Temperature Probe - 5mm tip.

      This is for CO2 measurement only. 

      Mfr. No. G100-10N Portable CO2/O2 analyzer. CO2 0-20% / O2 0-100%

      Includes: Battery Charger and Sample Tube Kit.

      This is for CO2 and O2 measurement. 

      Mfr. No. G100-10PKG Portable CO2/O2 analyzer. CO2 0-20% / O2 0-100%

      Includes: Battery Charger, Sample Tube Kit, Hard carry Case, Soft Carry Case
      and Temperature Probe - 5mm tip.

      This is for CO2 and O2 measurement. 

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