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Falcon® Round Bottom Polystyrene Tubes

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SKU: 352235

Falcon® Round Bottom Polystyrene Tubes

  • Widely used and referenced in laboratory protocols     
  • Dual position snap-cap prevents sample loss with ease of handling       
  • The foundation for consistent research results       
  • Provide reliable containment of laboratory fluid samples     
  • Polystyrene tubes are best suited for procedures requiring high optical clarity   
  • Dual-position snap caps, heavier gauge walls, and unique construction provide a secure, positive seal   
  • Medical-style packaging materials    
  • 1,400 RCF rating (RCF claims refer to Relative Centrifugal Force measured in g-force for materials with a specific gravity of 1.0, used in an appropriate rotor with correct cushion and safety precautions. Tubes used with organic solvents at temperatures below 0°C may have lower RCF ratings.)   
  • Tube dimensions and volumes are approximate

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