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Eppendorf Reference® 2 Pipettes - Adjustable Volumes

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SKU: 4924000010

Eppendorf Reference® 2 Pipettes - Adjustable Volumes

The name »Reference« stands for extraordinary precision and accuracy,

a long service life, and an ergonomic design. The new Reference 2 boasts these proven Premium characteristics and this operating philosophy with its innovative state of the art technology; making it a reliable partner for you and your demanding work.

  • Color coded and volume labeled for quick identification of the volume size/ tip size
  • Round upper part makes it possible to work in every position
  • 4-digit display for exact volume setting (clearly visible from every angle)
  • Quick and secure volume setting, include volume lock
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Movable parts and external edges made from stainless steel equip the pipette with outstanding robustness at potential impact sites and for internal components
  • Includes ep.T.I.P.S. Box

The Eppendorf Reference 2 Pipette is unique in its single button operation which allows you to dispense, blow out, and eject the pipette tip. The unique design sits comfortably on your hand and allows you to precisely and accurately pipette precious and or sensitive solutions.

Eppendorf Reference® 2 Pipettes brochure


Mfr No. 4924000010 Reference 2 Pipette, Adjustable, 0.1-2.5 µL, Dark Grey, including ep.T.I.P.S. Box
Mfr No. 4924000029 Reference 2 Pipette, Adjustable, 0.5-10 µL, Medium Grey, including ep.T.I.P.S. Box
Mfr No. 4924000037 Reference 2 Pipette, Adjustable, 2-20 µL, Light Grey, including ep.T.I.P.S. Box
Mfr No. 4924000045 Reference 2 Pipette, Adjustable, 2-20 µL, Yellow, including ep.T.I.P.S. Box
Mfr No. 4924000053 Reference 2 Pipette, Adjustable, 10-100 µL, Yellow, including ep.T.I.P.S. Box
Mfr No. 4924000061
Reference 2 Pipette, Adjustable, 20-200 µL, Yellow, including ep.T.I.P.S. Box
Mfr No. 4924000070 Reference 2 Pipette, Adjustable, 30-300 µL, Orange, including ep.T.I.P.S. Box
Mfr No. 4924000088 Reference 2 Pipette, Adjustable, 100-1000 µL, Blue, including ep.T.I.P.S. Box
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