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Electrode Care Solution

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SKU: WD-00653-04

Electrode Care Solution

Solutions to clean, store and fill electrodes

Electrode storage solution keeps pH/ORP electrode bulbs moist for faster, more accurate readings.  Accepts pH electrodes up to 12 mm in dia.                        General-purpose pH/ORP electrode cleaning solution removes build-up from electrodes and maintains electrode sensitivity.                                                 Storage and cleaning solutions come in 1 pint bottles.                                              Use the reference fill solutions with refillable pH electrodes.


  • Extend the life of your electrodes and maintain accurate readings
  • Remove build-up and maintain electrode sensitivity 
  • Use cleaning and storage solution with any pH or ORP electrodes


Mfr No. WD-00653-04 pH/ORP Electrode Storage Solution, 1 pint

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