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Egg Donor Connect

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Egg Donor Connect - Egg Donor Software

Software built to recruit egg donors and deliver a first-class experience for your intended parents.

Egg Donor Connect is a customizable web application designed to help grow your egg donor program.

  1. For donors, we created a millennial-friendly prescreen & full questionnaire.
  2. Your intended parents can view interactive egg donor profiles to decide who they'd like to match with. You can choose to send IPs donor profiles one at a time, or show them your entire donor pool.
  3. Your team has access to an admin panel to easily manage your donors and intended parents.
  4. Finally, we created marketing analytics that can track the effectiveness of your donor advertising to help grow your donor pool.

Not only can our software help you, our team can too! We love servicing the IVF industry and customizing our software to your unique needs.

Grow your egg donor pool

EDC's mobile-friendly donor questionnaires are optimized for speed, saving donors time and inspiring them to complete your clinic or agency screening process.

Donors love:

  • Filling out the prescreen and full questionnaires on their phone
  • How quick our questionnaires can be filled out by hiding unncessary questions. For example, if a donor says they've never been pregnant we hide all the questions about their prior pregnancies.
  • Receiving an instant decision on their prescreens
  • Receiving automated reminder emails when they haven't finished filling out your full questionnaire

Delight intended parents

Our donor matching platform makes it simple for intended parents to review your donor profiles on their desktop or mobile devices.

IPs love:

  • Viewing donor profiles instantly on their phone or computer
  • For egg donor programs that share their entire pool, intended parents enjoy an easy to use search page to help them find a donor.
  • High-resolution donor photo galleries
  • Interactive donor questionnaire answers
  • Entering feedback for their coordinator directly in EDC

Save your coordinators time

Egg Donor Connect's ("EDC") donor matching & screening software makes managing third party easier than ever.

Coordinators love:

  • More donors applying to be in their donor pool - clinics and agencies report receiving 60%+ more donors applying each month after they switch to us
  • All the time they save, like when we automatically pass or fail donors based on their prescreen
  • The positive intended parent & donor feedback they receive.
  • How easy the software is to use

Improve your marketing ROI

We have created a ton of tools for your marketing team to help track and improve every dollar you spend to attract new donors.

Marketing teams love:

  • EDC's intergration with Google Adwords, Instagram and Facebook Ads.
  • Seeing an exact ROI on your advertising campaigns - how many donors applied, how many finished the questionnaire, and how many were added to your donor pool.
  • Tracking the growth of your donor pool, and alerting you when you are low on a specific type of donor. For instance, maybe you have a large donor pool but you are low on brunette donors, donors with higher education, or asian donors.

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