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ECMPC - Vitrification Media

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ECMPC - Vitrification Media

We develop the solutions that are necessary in the vitrification of mammalian embryos of any species, as well as in cryopreservation of oocytes and sperm of mammals.

In ECMPC we work with the most effective worldwide formula, counting with endorsed certificates with more than 15 years of experience supporting our services, That is why we are committed to each of our clients in providing not only effectiveness, but quality and commitment.

  • Vitrification Method
    -Equilibration Solution (ES) : 1 vial (1.0mℓ)
    -Vitrification Solution (VS) : 2 vials (1.0mℓ)
  • Microscope
  • Timer
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Micropipette (300μℓ)
  • Pasteur pipette (150μm inner diameter)


Keep ES and VS vials at room temperature (25℃ to 27℃) for at least 2 hours before vitrification.

SHIPPING: Overnight Shipping Required to keep media at temperature - 2-8 degrees celsius. 

This media is not yet 510K Cleared.

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